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Thursday, February 26, 2015

National Bacon Day

I would be totally remiss if I did not mention that today is National Bacon Day, at least per the state of Iowa.  Apparently 5% of their total state income comes from the production of it and in 2011 the state legislature of Iowa proclaimed February 26 to be the Official Bacon Day.

Everyone knows that bacon no longer is merely a food item.  There are bacon wallets:

Bacon flowers:

Bacon bandaids?

And one I found most interesting was bacon toothpaste, although I'd rather have that clean, fresh minty taste!

I think I prefer bacon wrapped medallions of beef.

My husband tells a story of our son grabbing the pot of bacon grease off the stove after breakfast one morning when he was very little and drinking the cooled grease.  I guess that's why he is definitely a fan of bacon and bacon related products.  Jeff, this one's for you!  

Why not have a BLT for dinner tonight in celebration!  

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