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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Vision Cards for 2015

Last year I made three vision cards and I did really well with two of them.  Health, Home and Craft Business were the three I chose and I did manage to lose 25 pounds and started going to the gym (though not as much as I should have).  In my craft business, I registered the name "ASmile4UfromJanet" and joined an Etsy team here in the Bay Area to meet with other local artists and help promote our businesses.  You can read about those cards here.  I got the idea of Vision Cards from Jamie Ridler and you can find that here.  Jamie gives you a guided journey to help you find the areas that you would like to focus on for the year.  

This year, since I had not done much as far as the Home project went, I kept that and made more specific intentions for my wishes.


We have a fence in desperate need of repair and overgrown plants and weeds in the backyard, not to mention a blackberry bush that threatens to take over the house and ivy crawling up the side.  After we take care of those two things it is time to paint the house and replace the gutters.  Finally, if we can swing it, remodeling the front bathroom is next on the list.  

The other two, Health and Craft Business, are still on my mind for this year as well.  Here are those cards:

Continued work with the Hungry Girl Diet is definitely a priority.  It gets you off to a great start and is easy to follow.  Similar to Weight Watchers, portion control and healthy eating is key.  Good food and lots of it!  Easy to follow recipes as well.

My craft business is also something I want to grow, especially since my transcription business is so unpredictable.  Doing what you love never seems like work.  There are some new techniques that I want to try and I am hoping this blog will help as well. 

Finally, I'm adding a fourth card this year, Finances.  

As hubby and I get older and he is facing early retirement due to a disability, it is very important for us to get our financial future settled.  Thanks to our father (-in-law), and hubby's mother, we have been given a chance to pay off some outstanding debt and make our retirement plans look a little better. 

Tonight is the Full Wolf Moon and I am offering up my vision cards to the universe to help me fulfill my dreams.  What are you dreaming for?