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Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Changes are Beginning!

Not quite as frequent posting as I'd like but I have to do my "real" job first and sometimes I just don't have enough hours in the day!

I mentioned that my word of the year was "CHANGE" and one of the vision cards I made was about our house.  Here is the first significant change...

Before:                                             After:

This is the side of our house.  As you can see, it was quite bushy!  You can't see that all along the side of the house ivy was growing.  So much so that it was actually pushing through the screen on some of the windows, trying to get in!  After the guys from Peninsula Hauling were through, we could see all the way through to the backyard and there were even some stone squares under all those weeds!

Down the path you come around the backyard here.  This was so covered with blackberry vines!  I love blackberries but I was never brave enough to trample through to pick them.  You can see the stone steps that were uncovered.  They will make a great new walkway!

Finally, this is the rest of the overgrowth.  There was a bottle brush bush in the very back corner.  I hate those things!  The vines and bushes were all tangled and twisted.  Three hard working guys from Peninsula Hauling came and rescued our backyard.  There is still more to be done but this is such a huge start!   

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