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Monday, January 19, 2015


I don't know about you, but having a planner has become a very important thing for me.  Actually, I have 3.  I shared a picture in my 365 Pictures project a couple of years ago.

From 2013

I have one in a red binder that I use for my personal life.  I told the family it was "the bible."  If something were to happen to me, the first place they should look for information would be there.  I use standard DayRunner or DayTimer monthly calendars in that.

The second planner I use is for my Administrative Solutions life.  This one is strictly for my transcription business.  It holds a record of my daily work.  I use a regular spiral planner for that.  The past few years it has been a Brownline planner, pink to support breast cancer awareness.  A portion of the cost of the planner goes to support that cause.

The third planner I have just begun to use for my "creative life."  It is to help me with my Etsy site, this blog and just to help me grow creatively.  The first year I used a planner it was spiral bound but too big.  Last year I got a standard spiral one but it did not seem quite right.

There are sites out there where you can design your own planners but that can get expensive and I was finding that I liked one thing from one site and something else from another.  Etsy has several shops that sell planners and inserts but none seemed just right for me either.  Finally, I decided to make my own.  I had a very specific idea for what I wanted.  I liked the spiral part.  I wanted one with both the monthly pages and the daily pages and it had to have a lot of room to write.

I found the perfect "base" planner at Staples.  It has a plastic "see through" cover so I could put my own design on it.  This is what I came up with:

Front Cover
Inside front cover.

First page
Monthly view.  Love lots of space to write.

On each month I added an embellishment
with an affirmation or quote I like.

Monthly Goals
 On the first day of the month I put
a spot for monthly goals and on the last day of the month I put a "Currently" spot to record what I had been up to for that month.

Plastic sleeve insert
I found some plastic sleeves that I
could use to insert my to do list and the reading challenge I am doing. I can move those from day to day, week to week or whatever.

Finally, I got some plastic pockets that stick on the back cover.  This holds some extra business cards and other odds and ends.

So, there is my first attempt at designing my own planner.  I am happy with it so far.  I like the feel of the pages, the size and how it is coming together.  I also got a band to put around it for when it starts to get full.
How about you?  Planners make a difference in your life?  Got a favorite?  Share!

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