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Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Here we go!

Last year I had the intention of doing 365 jots because in 2013 I did 365 pictures and had a lot of fun.  I thought that 365 jots would be relatively easy since a jot is just a short note and I am on my computer all day working so I should be able to post something really quickly, right?  Not so.  I found that I was searching for things to write about, even though I had decided to give each day a theme.  I am thinking that maybe I limited myself by doing that and put too much pressure on finding a certain thing for a certain day.  Once I got a little behind, it was overwhelming for me to try to catch up.  I ended up with 173 jots which is not quite half way but it was still a fun experience and I'm not going to beat myself up about the fact that I didn't make it all the way through.  I learned a few things researching the jots and so I'll count that as a win.  You can read some of the jots here in my archives.  

This year I have a couple of projects in mind.  One of them is a reading challenge that I will be doing with my daughters and anyone else who wants to join along.  My daughter showed me the challenge because she was going to do it with one of her girlfriends and I decided I wanted to try as well.  I have a good start on the books because I got gift cards to Barnes and Noble for Christmas and I have several books already at home that will fit some of the categories.

The challenge we are following is from Popsugar and you can find it here:  To help me keep track, and just because it looks fun, I also registered on Goodreads.  So, I will be blogging about the books we are reading and how we are doing on the challenge.  There are 50 categories and one is a trilogy so that brings us to 52 weeks.  I am not sure if I can make a book a week but I think that one of the categories is a book that you can read in a day so that should be helpful!

The second thing I am going to try is the Power of Affirmations Workshop from Dale Anne Potter.  I've already written down my 52 affirmations and now I just need to get the cards prepped.  I'll be sharing my weekly affirmation card here as well.

If you'd like to join me on either of these two adventures, I'd love to have you.  Please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know how you are progressing.

What about you?  Plan any projects?    

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